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Grains Crafts was started many years ago making and selling craft items at local Craft fairs in and around South Wales. The production of craft items stopped about 12 years ago, although I still make a few items on an individual basis more for pleasure nowadays.


Some examples of my craft work can be seen in Grains Crafts Images, and also on the various product pages of the website.


I still make a few items occasionally which will be added to the the various product pages on completion. Main products lines are Pipes, light pull toggles, boxes, pots, and custom bulk turned metal items.

Hand Made Items

Most items I make are hand made and quite unique as no two would be the same. Most would make unique gifts.

Clear Resin Castings

This was another favourite hobby of mine but the process can sometimes lead to a tremendous amount of work when having to hand polish some of the cast items.


Some of the items or at least similar items are still available. Examples of my work can be viewed here Clear Castings.


All Available items will be displayed on the various product pages until sold.

Local Buisiness

Local business that sell craft related items or other related items are very welcome to include a mutual link to grains-crafts. See the linking page for details.


We can also get you started with a relatively cheap basic hosted website, or even develop your website template here at Grains prior to hostings. If you need a few pages built and or hosted please contact me.